The Griffin      

  In 1967 the Student Council sponsored a contest to name a school mascot. Students submitted a variety of ideas from which the faculty chose five finalists. The student body then voted on the nominations, and the Griffin secured the majority of the ballots.This mythical creature, half bird - half animal, is usually represented as having the head, beak, and wings of an eagle with the body and legs of a lion.The Griffin symbolizes vigilance, swiftness, loyalty,and strength. It chiefly functions as protector of man, and the earth's treasures, as well as a guardian of the dead. In the Christian tradition, the Griffin suggests Christ's two-fold nature. The eagle portion represents His divinity, and the lion portion denotes His humanity.



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The high school community of Donovan Catholic educates its students to live their faith, respect and serve others in a global society, and pursue academic excellence in a college preparatory environment.

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