Missing Tablet Policy

Dear Parents:

It has come to our attention that some students are sharing lockers, locker combinations and / or "rigging" their lockers so that they do not lock in order to access the contents more quickly.  This is a violation of school policy.

As per the Parent/Student Handbook, (pg 26 & 27 at the back of your school calendar) "Students are not to share their lockers and are to keep their lockers secure at all times.  The school accepts no responsibility for articles missing from lockers.  Any school material loaned for student use becomes the student's responsibility.  Loss or damage of borrowed property will require payment for replacement.  Until payments are made the school will withhold records, registration materials and/or diplomas." 


This policy includes the Laptop Learning program


If a Tablet PC is missing the procedure will be as follows:

  • The student must first complete a Statement of Fact in room 404 to be submitted to the Technology Department. 
  • Parents will be billed for a portion of the replacement cost of the Tablet


       Freshmen: $1400

       Sophomores: $1100

       Juniors: $800

       Seniors: $500

(second semester seniors may choose to rent a “loaner” for $25 a month, but must return the laptop in good condition before graduation).

  • A $100 deposit must be made immediately in order for the student to receive a replacement equivalent to the one missing. Payment plans will be available at no less than $100 per month and must be paid in full by May 1st.

Parents will receive a total refund if the missing laptop is located within two weeks of the completion of the “Statement of Fact” form.

A "missing" tablet is one that can not be located due to negligence on the part of the student and no evidence of theft is apparent. 

For a Tablet to be considered stolen, there must be evidence of theft such as forced entry. In this case, parents and student need to fill out a police report, but the stolen laptop must still be replaced.  

Donovan Catholic will enforce this policy so that students realize the value of their school possessions and take responsibility for their care.



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