Spanish 2, 3 & 4 Honors
Summer Work


Spanish 2 Honors

Keep up with your Spanish this summer with "Mi vida loca"! Watch episodes 1-6 and write a summary (5 paragraph) of the events. Remember to use the preterit tense! This will be your first quiz grade!

Spanish 3 Honors

You know you are dying to find out what happened with Merche & company so watch episodes 7-12  of "Mi vida loca" and write a brief summary (5 paragraph) of the events that take place. Use preterit and imperfect tenses. This will count as your first quiz grade!

Spanish 4 Honors

Below is a link to El Pais, one of the largest newspapers in Spain. You will read one article each week for 6 weeks (any 6 weeks) and write a brief summary. Relax! You will not understand every word but you will get to the point where you will only have to look up a few.It can be about any,sports, politics. You may even include an advertisement as long as it offers  enough information. You do not have to translate the article, only summarize the salient points in 8-12 sentences, obviously in Spanish.  You should print a copy of each article and attach it to your summary.

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