Veritas & Honors Program

Honors Program


Entering freshmen identified as academically talented and highly motivated are invited to join the Donovan Catholic Honors Program.  To be eligible, a student should have maintained an “A” average in 6th, 7th, and 8th grades, and should have achieved standardized test scores above the 85th percentile.


To remain in the Honors Program, students must maintain an 85% final average or better in all courses.                         




Vision Statement 

Following in the tradition of the Dominican Sisters who served this school community for many years, Donovan Catholic has established the Veritas Scholar Program. The Latin word "veritas" means "Truth" and forms the motto of the Dominican Community, dedicated to the pursuit of learning. Veritas also appears on the school emblem.


In light of this proud tradition, the Veritas Scholar Program aims to nurture and to encourage the love of learning among qualified participants, selected by the administration for their strong academic potential. In addition, the program focuses on expanding the intellectual gifts of these students by offering them opportunities to excel in advanced courses and enrichment programs throughout their high school experience. Students also receive on-going guidance in goal-setting encompassing high school, college, and beyond. Students, parents, teachers, counselors and administrators collaborate in enabling Veritas scholars to fully recognize and nurture the gifts given to them by their Creator.




  • To develop the love of learning in the spirit of the Dominican tradition 
  • To establish long and short-term goals that encompass personal, academic, and career development 
  • To follow a rigorous curriculum over four years, including Advanced Placement and college level courses, as well as independent study projects. 
  • To maintain a 98.0 GPA. 
  • To participate in leadership programs, book discussions, and academic-based clubs. 
  • To participate in educational and cultural field trip experiences outside of school. 
  • To begin the college search during sophomore year in order to maximize student potential. 
  • To participate in PSAT, SAT and ACT test preparation programs, if needed to maximize scores. 



Veritas is the search for truth and forms the framework of the Dominican tradition.



Contact Information

711 Hooper Avenue
Toms River, NJ 08753
Tel. 732.349.8801
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Mission Statement

The high school community of Donovan Catholic educates its students to live their faith, respect and serve others in a global society, and pursue academic excellence in a college preparatory environment.

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