Dress Code

To realize the objectives of neatness and cleanliness among the student body and to foster respect for the learning process, Donovan Catholic requires the following dress code for all students:

**Please note:  We are starting to phase out the old Msgr. Donovan uniforms.  

As of September 2016 all incoming students must wear new Donovan Catholic attire.


Flynn and O'Hara Uniform Information






  • Bermuda length khaki dress shorts (NOT cargo shorts, a shorter version of the uniform trousers) or khaki trousers
  • Black or White socks ONLY
  • Belt
  • Golf shirt or plain white oxford shirt w/ an approved Donovan tie
  • Option: School sweater or sweater vest w/ white oxford shirt & tie






  • Flynn & O'Hara plaid uniform kilt
  • Golf shirt
  • Navy blue knee socks or tights
    • Option: White oxford blouse w/ sweater vest 



Exact date TBA depending on weather





  • Khaki dress pants and belt
  • White oxford shirt with Donovan tie
  • School sweater or sweater vest
  • Black or White socks ONLY


  • Flynn & O'Hara plaid uniform kilt or khaki pants
  • White oxford shirt with sweater or vest
  • Navy blue tights 





Boys & Girls

  • White T-shirt only under golf / oxford shirts


  • Dark Navy blue with school logo


Boys & Girls

  • Leather Topsider shoes in either Tan or Black all year (soles must match the color of the shoe)

Note: Uniform order forms are available in the school store

Students must maintain a neat, clean appearance appropriate for school attendance and co-curricular activities. Students are representatives of Donovan Catholic at all times; their appearance must reflect Christian values of modesty and dignity. The regulation dress code will take effect on the first day of school in September and will end on the closing day in June. The Dean of Students will announce when the winter dress code begins and ends. Students not complying with the dress code will receive detention/demerits and may be denied classroom attendance until they comply with the code.

The Administration maintains the prerogative to determine the suitability of any individual's appearance, including proper skirt length and hairstyle. Male students must maintain neatly groomed hairstyles consisting of one natural color, which may not cover the eyes. Hair that reaches over the collar must be worn in a ponytail. Female students’ hair must be neatly groomed with natural coloring. Accessorizing, bold unnatural hair coloring and body piercing are not permitted in this school's environment. Students may wear one earring in each ear. Gauges are never permitted. No other visible body part may be pierced.



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Mission Statement

The high school community of Donovan Catholic educates its students to live their faith, respect and serve others in a global society, and pursue academic excellence in a college preparatory environment.

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