Reading Lists & Assignments 2019-2020


  *check the following links for summer assignments

Fine Arts

Senior Studio Art -& IB Visual Arts Mrs. Stichter's Eboard







AP Physics- Ms. Wasacz's Eboard

IB Chemistry-1
 Review the IB-1 notes, on the IB-1 eboard tab, which include information on the required book. 
 Complete the provided review questions by the start of class on Thursday, September 5.
IB Chemistry-2
 Review the IB-2 notes on the IB-2 eboard tab. 
 Complete Units 1-10 of FlinnPREP by September 13. The additional units will be completed during the semester.
 Begin to work on your Individual Assessment research. Your topic will need to be accepted by Dr. Lacy. The lab will be available in August upon request. Additional information is available on the IB-2 eboard tab.


IB History  

IB History 1


Using MLA format, identify a topic that you would like to explore for your History IA. 


Locate 7 - 10 sources about your topic and generate an annotated bibliography. At least one of your sources must be a primary source.


An annotated bibliography includes the MLA citation of your source and a paragraph explaining the purpose of the selected source and how it will be used for research. 


Your paragraph should include: 

  • The origin of the source - information about the author
  • Purpose of the source - why was it written
  • Describe the content of the source - overview
  • Your evaluation of the source - what is it’s value to the historical community


Complete this assignment in MLA format and print for the first day of class. 


IB History 2


Download and complete the Guided IA Worksheet

World Languages

French 2CP, 3CP - Ms. Mooney 's Eboard

Spanish 2CP, Spanish 3CP  - Ms. Dollman's Eboard

Spanish 2H, Spanish 3H, Spanish 4H, IB Spanish - Ms. Damon's Eboard

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