Letter from the Math Department

Dear  Mathematics Student,

In anticipation of the next school year, we want to do everything possible to ensure that it will be successful for you. Proficiency in basic math concepts will provide a good foundation for your continued learning at all levels of mathematics. We have posted review packets of essential skills for each subject taught by the mathematics department. It is required that you take the time to review and complete all the exercises in the packet for the math class you will be taking during the next school year. Show your work on additional sheets and attach them to the packet.

Your teacher will review the packet during the first week of class and give an exam on the material during the second week of class. The grade for this exam will be counted DOUBLE and included in your first marking period average. Remember, this is material you should have already studied in your previous math classes and mastered. It is not the job of the current teacher to re-teach previously learned material, the review packet and test is only meant as a quick review.

During the first week of the semester, we will offer review sessions during FLEX period for those students who need extra help with the material. Attendance is optional, so if you feel comfortable with your math skills there is no need to attend. However, we will be glad to give you a refresher if you had some problems with the packet. Please come prepared with questions to the review sessions.

We look forward to seeing you during the next school year. If you have any questions, please contact the Math Department.


The Mathematics Teachers
Donovan Catholic 

Note:Be sure to match up the math course on your schedule with the correct math packet.


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